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I recently lost a dispute. How are disputes decided on?

We know how frustrating it is to lose a dispute, and we’re sorry to say that once a dispute has been lost, that outcome is final.
Disputes are decided by your customer’s bank, according to the bank’s process. The steps Aisle Planner and our payment processor, Stripe, follow to help you respond to the dispute and submit evidence are rigidly defined, but the decision made by the bank can be affected by a number of factors. Often the decision on who wins a dispute comes down to a judgement call by the bank. We have no way to affect this judgement call beyond submitting evidence on your behalf.
For these reasons, we unfortunately don’t have any insight into how this specific judgement was reached.
Going forward, we recommend taking measures to avoid disputes, such as ensuring that customers recognize the company name that appears on their card statements. You can find more information about preventing disputes at
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