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Is it possible for my client to only see what I’ve assigned to them?

Yes! You can adjust their permissions by clicking on PLANNING PARTNERS on the top right of the screen, and under their name/role, click on Full Client Access and set the Checklist access to Assignments Only. With this setting, they won’t see the full checklist (or even the link to the full checklist) JUST the items that are assigned to them and anyone on the client side.

  • We usually recommend that planners assign no more than 10-20 tasks to the client at a time, including a handful of pressing items, and the rest, items that they can work on if they have extra time and wants to get ahead. This can include checklist items that you may not be involved with, such as bridesmaids dress selection, etc.
  • Checklist items appear on her assigned task list in the order in which they are assigned, so keep that in mind when assigning tasks. If you need to rearrange them – whether it’s in chronological order OR in the order of importance, just drag and drop them into place!
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