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Why won’t my guest list upload?

If you aren’t entering guests directly into Aisle Planner, you’ll need to use one of our two templates to create the guest list in a format that our system can understand when uploading.

1.  Download the appropriate guest list template by visiting the guest list manager in Aisle Planner, then clicking on the ADD GUEST button towards the left, then click on the IMPORT GUEST LIST button.


2. Select the template of choice (by party or by individual) to download.


3. Once completed, return to the guest list manager, click on ADD GUEST, then click on IMPORT GUEST LIST and then drag and drop the file onto the screen. You can also use the BROWSE button to locate the file from your computer to upload.


Please note the following:

– The spreadsheet format for uploading is very particular, ie: you must include every column, exactly as listed, whether there is anything in it or not. If there is an extra column or a missing column, it won’t work, which we know can be very frustrating!

– Once you’ve uploaded a guest list, we recommend that you add any additional guests directly into Aisle Planner, OR start with an empty template to add additional guests as our system won’t automatically detect duplicates.

– Guests lists can only be uploaded into the wedding, however, once you’ve added guests for the wedding it’s easy to add them to additional wedding related events, such as the rehearsal dinner. To add guests from the wedding to additional events, select the event, then click on ADD GUEST.  You’ll see a list of all guests who are on the wedding list who haven’t already been invited to that particular event.  Just click any guest to add.

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