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Can I create questionnaire templates in Aisle Planner?

We are working through a solution for how to best manage worksheets, questionnaires, and notes templates for release in the coming year. We envision a notebook feature which will include notes/note templates, questionnaires and worksheets, not to mention the ability to upload general files.

In the meantime, here are two workarounds:

1. Create yourself as a vendor (wedding planner) in the vendor library and then upload any worksheets or questionnaires into your vendor record in the wedding. Clients can download, edit/complete, and upload documents in this area, then add a comment just beneath letting your clients know what you’ve uploaded and what you’d like them to do. Once they’ve completed the worksheet or questionnaire, ask them to upload the updated worksheet or questionnaire and add a comment – so you’re notified that they’ve completed it. While we don’t send notifications when a file is uploaded, we do send notifications when a comment has been added there, so that’s typically what we recommend.


2. Planners have created a framework for notes that their clients can fill in the blanks (see how we use the some notes in the sample wedding). So you don’t have to create each new note from scratch, we suggest that you create and store your notes “templates” within the notes section of sample wedding, then copy and paste them into each wedding as you need them. Here’s a great example of a play list template that you can ask your clients to complete and add songs to as they go!



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