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Getting Started with Aisle Planner Part 2: Project Management Tools

Aisle Planner’s powerful suite of planning tools makes it easier to streamline your process, collaborate with your clients and accelerate your workflow. In Part 2 of our Getting Started Webinar Series, we’ll have a quick look at the tools you’ll find in each event or project that you create in Aisle Planner. We’ll review:

—  How to use each of our planning tools within each project.
—  How to create a new project in Aisle Planner.
—  How to customize and prepare each tool for your clients before inviting them into their project.
—  How to invite your client(s) into their project and manage their privacy & permission settings.


Don’t have time to watch the entire webinar all at once? Find the information that you’re looking for with these helpful shortcuts:


1:08 – Adding a new project

2:00 – Wedding dashboard and how to make the most of planner prep mode

4:30 – Adding clients and adjusting their privacy & permission settings

8:48 – Managing your planning workflow with the checklist

11:00 – Communicating with your clients via checklist comments

18:49 – Keeping track of appointments and due dates with the calendar

20:17 – Creating a timeline & filtered timelines for clients and vendors

26:34 – Using the design studio to create style guides and color palettes

32:37 – Sharing your style guides, color palettes and notes with vendors

34:05 – Managing the guest list

39:29 – Assigning guests to tables and seats

41:27 – Vendor & file management, tracking invoices & setting payment reminders

46:31 – Budget management

50:42 – Notes




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