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How to Use Aisle Planner’s Business Tools to Quickly & Easily Book Clients

Join Aisle Planner’s Creative and Marketing Director, Taylor Cusick Hollman, along with special guest Kellie Daab of I Do Collective, as they share how to use Aisle Planner’s Business Tools to quickly and easily book clients.

In this webinar replay, they’ll be covering:


How to Make It Easy for Potential New Clients to Inquire

  • Linking the Lead Capture Form to your website
  • Setting up your auto-responder

Getting Potential New Clients so Sign on the Dotted Line

  • Staying organized with the lead manager
  • Quickly send proposals, quotes and contracts

Securing Your Deposit

  • Accepting Payments Online
  • Creating an Invoice in 1 Click from a Quote

Welcoming Your New Clients

  • Tips on What to Prep before Inviting Your Clients to Aisle Planner






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