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Working Aisle Planner’s Tools into Your Regular Daily Routine

Join Katherine, Aisle Planner’s Director of PR & Partnerships (and wedding planner extraordinaire), as she walks you through a Day in the Life of using Aisle Planner – a perfect way to learn how to work Aisle Planner into your daily routine!  She’ll also be reviewing:

Establishing a Daily Workflow

  • What to check first thing

Keeping on top of Business Tasks

  • Managing your business with Aisle Planner

Keeping up on Project Tasks

  • Staying organized and the art of delegation

Don’t have time to watch the entire webinar all at once? Find the information that you’re looking for with these helpful shortcuts:

2:51 – A quick look at how Katherine bundles her tasks to create a highly efficient daily routine

3:33 – Part 1:  Checking notifications

4:12 – Part 2:  Checking up on past due invoices and bank transfers

4:40 – Part 3:  Checking leads to onboarding potential new clients through the booking process

6:29 – Part 4: Business Tasks

6:55 – Tips for creating and using a project for your business in your Aisle Planner account

7:15 – How to organize a monthly checklist for your business

10:11 – Creative ways to use the Design Studio for your business

11:03 – Creative ways to use the Notes tool for your business

15:03 – Customizing your project categories

18:00 – Part 5: Client / Project Tasks

18:29 – Customizing your checklist to work for you

19:19 – How and when I assign and share tasks with clients (each month) and using the pre-assignment feature

22:20 – How to use the calendar to stay on top of tasks and client appointments

25:08 – Homework!  Planning for the year ahead.

28:15 – How to customize your checklist to be arranged by month










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