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When I add comments in an event, who receives comment notifications?

Anytime you add a comment to an event, whether it’s on an image in the Design Studio, task in the Checklist or in a vendor record, everyone who has access to that event will receive a notification (provided they haven’t turned off their notifications) along with a link to take them directly to where your comment was made. They will also receive an emailed comment notification, provided they haven’t turned off their email notifications.

That said, because everyone who is a part of the wedding will receive a notification, we recommend that you include the name of the person you’d like to draw attention to, or need something from, and include a very specific call to action, such as “let me know if this is approved” or “let me know if there are any changes or if this is good to go” –  so that you can make the most of our comment notifications.

We’ll be releasing “directed comments” in the coming months,  so you can choose to just notify a specific person or specific people.  We’ll also be releasing in house/planner only private notes just around the corner. We cannot wait to build in more communication capabilities from within our tools, and welcome any feedback on how we can make client and vendor communication easier!

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