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Will my clients receive payment reminder notifications?

For invoices that you’ve created and issued to your clients in Aisle Planner for your own services, your clients will receive automated payment reminders, along with a link to view and make payments on outstanding invoices as long as you’ve enabled payment reminders.  Learn more about enabling payment reminders HERE.

For other vendor invoices that you are tracking within each of your projects, we only send payment notifications to the person who is designated as the lead planner. We do this so that before clients are notified, you can double check that payment amounts are accurate (which is especially important for any balances that may be pending final counts) and make any updates as necessary.

When a payment notification is triggered to the lead planner, we also automatically create a task in the checklist to make this payment that is assigned to you. If all looks good and the payment amount is accurate, we recommend that you just reassign the task to your client (you can just drag and drop it from the ASSIGNMENTS OVERVIEW PAGE to the appropriate person making the payment, OR click the task to assign it to multiple people like the bride and groom).

Once your client has completed this task, you’ll receive a notification that payment has been made!

To change the designation of lead planner, visit the PLANNING PARTNERS tab in each wedding and click on the gold star next to the person who should be the lead planner. You may want to change the lead planner to the client if, for example, you’ve set them up on Aisle Planner in advance of your services kicking in and you’d like them to receive payment reminders directly. This is a great option and added value for those month-of clients you’ve booked (we wrote a great article about using Aisle Planner to help make month-of planning easier for you as a planner!  Read about it here.)

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