Team Building: The Essentials from CEO Rob Farrow

As most businesses are in the end, Aisle Planner is the sum of its parts. To be more specific, our company is a combination of two elements: our products and our team. We could not be here today without the incredible team we have assembled and continue to build around our collective vision for this brand. Team building is critical in any business. Unfortunately, it’s also the most overlooked element in the formula for success. We had an extended family of vendors that we worked with regularly when Christina and I were planning events. They knew our style and we knew theirs. This team work allowed us to consistently amaze our clients by the beautiful execution and the ease at which their events came together.

Starting From Scratch

When we finished our last wedding and ventured into a whole new world to start Aisle Planner, we were an army of two. We had long range vision, big plans, and even bigger ideas. But we were alone. We knew early on we were going to need help so we set forth to build the team we’d work with to bring this vision to life. We soon discovered that finding that mix of experience, skill set and personality would be no small feat. In fact, at times, it seemed impossible. We felt like we were searching for the proverbial needle in a hay stack. We were slow, methodical, and cautious in our search. Finally, we found our first, a second, then a third addition. Our team was starting to take shape.


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Small but Mighty

When teamwork is critical, being a small company has its advantages. Together every day, working in relatively close quarters makes communication and collaboration easy. We’re able to ask and answer questions as they come, meet as needed, and explore ideas. Ensuring a welcoming, open-minded and supportive space is imperative to your team building strategy, no matter what size your business is.

Sharing and Caring for the Big Picture

We’re are all utility players. We all wear multiple hats and, occasionally, we find ourselves overlapping. Collision in a small-team environment is unavoidable. It’s rare but in those moments, understanding, trust and, believe it or not, humor go a long way. Our office (which extends to all of our remote employees and contractors) is surrounded by an infectious energy. There is no shortage of conversation, laughter and levity mixing in with incredible efficiency and productivity. This is the result of everyone in the company working collectively towards a common goal and vision. This united vision is strengthened by open dialog, a willingness to work together and mutual respect for each other’s collective experiences. The net result is an amazing esprit dé corp that allows us, as a team, to work together to achieve the impossible, and do what we do every day for you.

Rob Farrow

CEO & Co-Founder

Aisle Planner

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