The Benefits of Group Brainstorming

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As planners and small business owners, we can’t live isolated lives—we have to network, converse and collaborate with those around us in order to make our work the absolute best it can be. Oftentimes, this simply means sitting around a table with coworkers and peers, throwing ideas at all wall and seeing what sticks. Today, then, we wanted to break down some of the benefits of group brainstorming. So, get out that scratch paper and those old gel pens (oh yes we did), and call for other great minds to join you—we promise you’ll love the results.

It Generates the Positive Snowball Effect

While group brainstorming can often be a scary thing for more reserved individuals, it also has its perks—the greatest of which is what we’re calling the “positive snowball effect.” Think about a time when you’ve been sitting around with family or friends trying to recall the name of a movie or an actor, for example. So often, one person will say “Ah! It starts with a T!” and that will lead to another person recalling more information about the name, and, finally, a third person landing on the name you were all searching for. You’re able to piece-meal an answer together using your collective brain power.

Group brainstorming for work purposes works just the same way. Everyone thinks a little differently, and each is able to contribute their own unique piece of the overall puzzle. What one person says sparks an idea in another, which then sparks an idea in another—until you finally have one, complete, killer picture.

It Unites Your Team

Working toward a common goal is one of the fastest ways to unite a group of individuals. Group brainstorming, then, can be such an effective way to help unite those involved in your planning business. So, next time you come across a wedding-planning challenge, invite those around you—everyone from brand new interns to seasoned planners—to sit around a table and talk through ideas. People love a good challenge, and, even if you don’t end up using the ideas you’ve come up with together, collective brainstorming is great for boosting group morale and strengthening teamwork across the board.

It Promotes Creative Thinking

Brainstorming brings out the creative thinker in all of us, as it naturally lends itself to less restricted, free-flowing thoughts. Think about it: if you’re invited to attend a meeting, chances are you show up with very structured ideas and thoughts—and you’re likely super careful about the ideas you do and do not put on the table. If you’re invited to attend a brainstorming session, however, you tend to let your ideas flow more freely. So, the next time you really want to get your team’s creative juices flowing, try scheduling a brainstorming session, rather than a team meeting. By simply switching up the language you use, you’ll notice your team is much less restricted in what it is they contribution to the group.


Overall, group brainstorming is such a great way to unite your team and get them thinking in an entirely new way. As planners, we thrive on creativity, and few things really inspire creativity like a great group brainstorming session. So go ahead, give it a try—and get ready to have your best year yet in collaboration!

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