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There aren’t too many days that go by without me thinking about one very important element of my life. No. I’m not referring to my never-ending to-do list or my love for tackling said to-do list in yoga pants; both of which are very important. I am referring to my love for margaritas! Yes! That’s right…the perfect match to happy hour tacos — it’s on my mind pretty much every day. You might be thinking, “Tiffany, you’re all about champagne and rosé, aren’t you?” and you’d be right. But there is just something about a well-made margarita. The perfect combination of a really great tequila mixed with fresh lime juice that salted rim…and don’t even get me started on all of the flavor combinations we have to choose from.

What you may not know is that once upon a time I was a bartender. We won’t get too much into that past life but during my time behind the bar, I grew to learn my customers and how they preferred their margaritas. Before they could even get nice and comfy on their barstools, I’d have their cocktail poured and ready to be enjoyed. Each element was specific and special to them. I bet you can see where I am going with this! Yup! The way I carefully construct each margarita was similar (humor me here) to how I construct different elements of the brands I design and build. And now, you can apply the same recipe (using your specific ingredients) to create a lasting brand that will want your audience wanting more!

Step One: Know Your Customer

Being aware of who you are targeting will not only get you closer to promoting your services with confidence and laser-focused precision but allow you to anticipate the needs of your customer before they can ask. Last year, I made a quantum leap from $30k to $120k in sales – which without a doubt I attribute mainly to knowing who my customer was and want they wanted. Before I set out to begin marketing my services, I completed several Ideal Client Interviews – a set of about seven questions that were asked to women who I admired and would potentially benefit from my services. And then BOOM! Before you know, I was anticipating needs and began to construct brands that were strong, and effective. Nothing like a strong drink…errr…brand!

Step Two: Use The Right Ingredients

I’ve worked with dozens of brands and they all require individual elements to help stand out from the crowd. But there is one element that remains the same, “Using quality ingredients (images, fonts, the correct web platform for their business, etc.) is always key!” As a bartender, I would often think of what thoughts/circumstances led to a customer ordering a Well Margarita (generally the $5 drinks you find on Happy Hour Menus) versus a Cadillac Margarita (top of the line). Was it only the price? Or did they enjoy the taste better? My goal is always to create a Cadillac Margarita brand for my clients. One where the difference in quality can be experienced right from the first “sip”. Moral of the story is, do not cheapen your brand to satisfy the masses. Use quality elements that will grab the attention of the right people. 

Step Three: Know When to Yell “Last Call” aka Know When To Call it Quits

There is such thing as going overboard with drinking (we’ve all been there) and with your brand as well. Constantly adding new colors, changing fonts or even services that aren’t quite the right fit for your brand is like having too much lime juice in that perfect margarita. It’s tolerable — but not very pleasant. Your brand should have a smooth transition from the presence you have on your social media, website and any tangible items you have. A great way to gauge if you’ve “had one too many” is to conduct an anonymous website review – then take the time to make sound adjustments on your own or with a professional brand developer.

I know…I know. These elements just touch the surface of building a strong brand and because I have already anticipated your need for more, I’ve provided a link for you to download my freebie “The Brand Passion Guide: 5 Steps to Building a Beautiful & Intentional Brand”.


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About the Author

Tiffany Tolliver
Tiffany Tolliver

Tiffany Tolliver founded The EmmaRose Agency, a luxury Los Angeles-based branding firm, in October 2015 with a promise to enhance the way we visually consume products and services. The EmmaRose Agency designs and builds iconic brands using visual balance, clean and classic designs, and breathtaking photography. With grace, grit, and God,  in two years Tiffany elevated from living at home as a hair salon receptionist in Washington, D.C. to the owning a thriving six-figure boutique agency in Los Angeles that develops branding for nationally-recognized businesses. She obsesses over changing her clients’ stories, the way she changed her own story, by creating impactful visual experiences that cultivate brands’ popularity and profit. Tiffany’s clients have received recognition from outlets such as Good Morning America, TODAY, Buzzfeed, PopSugar, and more after working with her. 

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