The Little Touches That Go a Long Way

There are a million ways that you can make your couples feel special throughout the planning process and whether it’s as easy as picking up a cup of coffee from their favorite spot or as hard as spending hours hunting down that special detail, one things always rings true — it is the thought that counts. So it seemed only appropriate to close out this month of being thoughtful with some of the little touches that our Aisle Planners do that go a long way in the end.

I make sure I “touch” each of my full-service and partial couples weekly. Even the “month-ofs” I check in on every couple of months to let them know I am thinking of them. I want each and every one of my couples to feel like they are my number one.

Francine Ribeau, Francine Ribeau Events

I always ask what the couple and the parents like to drink in the planning process. We make sure they never have to stand in line or be without a drink. We also make sure a plate of hors d’ouvres at the head table so they can eat them too!

Shelli Alred, Alred Weddings

We have a little note and basket in the going away car with a few of their favorite their that we have been jotting down since day one. After a year of planning they start to feel like family so we address them as such!

Shannel Renae, Shannel Aiken Weddings + Events

We have a list of their favorite drinks and snacks and we stock the bridal rooms with them on the day of. We also deliver a selection of appetizers and cocktails during photos!

Laura Ferrick, Eclectic Affairs

If the wedding is at a hotel, I decorate their room with extra flowers from the decor towards the end of the evening!

Natalie Weinmeister, Ginger Bee Events and Planning

We always provide the couple with a gift basket in their room which has lots of personal extras. It includes things that they have told us they like during the planning stages and we make sure to put them in their room. One time, we had a cocktail designed especially for the couple and named it after them too!

Kerry Tighe, Elegant Events Boutique 

From Katherine: I always put a handwritten card in the card basket for them to find when they are opening their gifts! And if I can sneak it in, I love getting the card basket into the getaway car for them to open when they are still on their wedding high.

From Tina: I always love tying all of the cards together with a satin bow (that coordinates with their colors, of course!) and add my own card in here as well, or tie up polaroids from the day with a cute saying such as YOU ARE LOVED or OH HAPPY DAY at the top!

Katherine + Tina, Aisle Planner

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