Video Marketing for The Wedding Professional: 6 Benefits You Need To Know

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If you go to Instagram and skim through all the popular wedding hashtags, you’ll surely find hundreds of beautiful and diverse photos of every type of wedding imaginable. However, the only videos you’ll find are either amateur iPhone clips of Grandma breaking it down on the dance floor, or the obligatory professional highlight reel videos from the videographers who were paid to capture the big day. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a videographer (or an aspiring one like your uncle with his iPhone) to benefit from using video to market yourself in the wedding and event industry⁠. And, you’re missing a massive opportunity by not doing so.

Video is a vital tool for you to engage followers, find new clients, and promote all angles of your business. This can be especially true if you are a venue, caterer, cake baker, dress maker, or DJ, where weddings are just one aspect of what you do. By using video to advertise and document your wedding-specific trade, product, or services, you can show off what you can do in the field with the most visually engaging format available to you. You can create evergreen marketing materials to use on your website, in social media, and throughout your email drip funnels. And that’s just the high-level overview!

Here are six of the top benefits for promoting your business with video in the wedding and events industry:

1. Video Improves Your Current Marketing Efforts

Whether you’re a baker, wedding planner, hair stylist, or decorations provider, you are probably already promoting your business with pictures. By supplementing your current photo content with video content, you can improve sales, increase message retention and brand recall, and stand out in an overcrowded field of Instagram-filtered wedding photos that all blend together.

Use film to share behind-the-scenes clips or brand videos to share your vision and personal philosophy with new audiences. By showing what you do on the ground with video, you establish credibility. This sets aside any skepticism that may come with a photo that seems too perfect to be true.

2. Video Attracts More Customers

Video is great for spreading the word about your business. When looking to connect with customers—especially in the modern digital age where the ideal clients are already looking online for inspiration—video is a great way to do so because you can quite literally show off what the entire experience of working with you will be like.

For example, if you’re a wedding planner, you can hire your own camera team to capture the perfect day you put together. If you’re a baker, you can film yourself finishing the cake and put it online in a time-lapse video. If you get permission from the bride and groom, you can even swing by on the day-of to capture some quality content of all the happy faces during the cake cutting ceremony.

3. Video Engages More Viewers

Because younger couples are shopping around for wedding ideas and vendors on their favorite apps like Instagram and Pinterest, you need to meet your customers where they are. Especially in an industry like weddings and special events, it’s more important than ever to stand out on social media.

Video is the preferred format of most online consumers to learn about new products and companies. It’s also shared more often than any other type of online content. Plus, by breaking up the content of your company’s social feed with more videos, you’ll capture more eyeballs as they scroll through. And, you’ll gain more engagement from your followers and new viewers alike. For example, as a DJ, share those video clips of Grandma and Grandpa boogying to your playlist on Instagram. This will help viewers get a better sense of what you bring to the dance floor.

4. Video Nurtures More Leads

Adding video to your marketing funnels increases the number of sales you convert because it’s better at nurturing leads. The more that you provide compelling video content in your marketing and social, the more you provide value and establish your credibility.

You can use educational videos to teach your audience how you do what you do or interview past clients satisfaction. Give your leads in the consideration stage more of a reason to say yes by showing them what their day will look like when they choose you. Provide them with behind-the-scenes or day-in-the-life videos of you and your team.

5. Video Delights Everyone

People love videos—especially wedding videos. It’s why they are so happy to shell out thousands on wedding videographers. By giving your customers more videos to watch, you are improving your chances of getting referrals. Newlyweds want to share everything from their special day with friends and family—which is one of your top sources of new clients.

If you’re a vendor present on the big day, capture live videos to put on your Instagram Stories. Be sure to save them and share with the married couple later! Because they can be so siloed off on the big day, it’s always fun for brides and grooms to see what everyone else was up to.

6. Video is Perfect For Cross-Promotion

Lastly, video is a great venue for cross promoting with others in the industry. You can strengthen your relationships by shouting out and cross promoting other vendors on your Instagram Stories and live videos.

You can even do more to promote your own team with video. For example, as a catering company, including and crediting your team can be a great way to show your authenticity. It builds camaraderie between you, your employees, and future customers. Or as a video agency, introduce the videographers who film the weddings in your company promo videos so future clients can get familiar with the crew who will be there on the day. Video helps build the trust they need to say yes.

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Grant Harvey

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