Just for You: Wallpaper Downloads from Honey Side Up

Today, we are so excited to share with you a little desktop candy compliments of the über talented Queen Bee Kelsey over at Honey Side Up (a creative design company that offers amazing custom lettering, design and branding services). There are few people more inspiring in this world than Maya Angelou (and Béyonce, obviously, but that’s a given), and that’s why we really love today’s free download. We’re pretty sure every sentence that Angelou has ever uttered is pure, unfiltered genius, but we find this particular sentiment especially remarkable. We hope it inspires you to keep on shining as much as it inspires us.

Click to preview/download:

Shine — Desktop
Shine — Mobile

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Charis Mix
Charis Mix

Charis is the Creative Director of Aisle Planner. She loves tennis, cooking, apps that make lists, and the idea of camping much more than camping itself.

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