Webinar: Getting Started on Aisle Planner

Sometimes getting started can be the hardest part so, we’ve created the Aisle Planner Getting Started webinar to help get you off and running! In this webinar, Tina and Meghan cover the basics of getting your company account set and personalized. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate through our pro tools with ease
  • How to create the ideal experience for your clients with personal branding
  • How to make the most of your contact library
  • How to customize your planning templates to honor your own planning process
  • How to set up your proposal and contract templates
  • How to manage your leads and send proposals and contracts
  • How the invoicing tool works
  • How to add other planners to your account and plan better together



Don’t have time to watch the entire webinar all at once? Find the information that you’re looking for with these helpful shortcuts:

1:30 – Your User Settings, notification preferences, subscription & billing

2:15 – Adding other planners to your account and each wedding

8:28 – Aisle Planner publishing and submitting your work to be featured

9:15 – Custom Branding & setting up your custom client login page, company stationery and branded emails

12:54 – Setting up your vendor library

17:45 – Customizing your project templates (checklist and budget templates)

38:53 – Customizing your event day timeline templates

44:21 – Setting up notes templates

46:33 – Setting up document templates, including contract templates

48:35 – Tracking your prospective clients and managing your leads in Aisle Planner

51:32 – Sending Proposals and Contracts to leads through Aisle Planner

54:20 – Creating a project, wedding or event from a lead

57:23 – Creating and sending invoices

70:12 – Your Planner Dashboard, Archiving/deleting a project and creating new projects

74:37 – Using the master Calendar

76:25 – General Q & A

About the Author

Meghan Laurs
Meghan Laurs

Meghan Laurs is the team’s Director of Customer Engagement, connecting with clients to make sure that all Aisle Planners are happy planners. When she’s not solving the world’s problems or working on teaching webinars, she’s spending time with her son and daughter, practicing yoga and trying (very hard) to meditate.

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