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Aisle Planner Wedding Favors Guest Will Actually Use
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With November’s focus being on generosity, we had to touch on one of our favorite parts of a wedding: the favors. Guests have travelled from near and far to spend the day with your couple (and, unless no presents were requested, they likely also brought along a great gift for the newlyweds)—so, treating friends and family to a nice wedding favor is always a good idea. The problem with favors, though, is that they can often be kitschy and, because of this, will never actually see the light of day in a guest’s home. Today, then, we’re challenging you to say goodbye to a black-and-white image of the couple splashed across a coffee mug and hello to gifts guests will actually use.

Something for Their Kitchen

We love the idea of of crafting or purchasing a gourmet food item for the couple’s kitchen. Things like imported olive oil, custom spice rubs, or even small bottles of infused vodka are perfect. For an Italian- or Mediterranean-themed wedding, we love the idea of lemon-infused olive oil or a small bottle of quality limoncello. For an earthy affair, why not send guest’s home with a spice jar full of a custom creation—like dried sage, sea salt and peppercorn? Or, think about things your couple often cooks or eats and figure out how you can incorporate that into a favor—there may be a special balsamic vinegar they favor and want to share with guests, or a special brand of gourmet popcorn they love.

Something for Their Morning

It’s always a good idea to treat guests to a little something to cure that morning hangover they might suffer from after a night of drinking and dancing. For boho soirées, we love the idea of sending guests home with hand-stamped paper bags full of high-end coffee beans and a few pieces of biscotti. For the romantic couple, we like lavender tea and shortbread cookies. And, there’s always the personal bloody mary kit for those couples who believe in a little hair-of-the-dog therapy in the a.m. Whatever morning-cure you choose, be sure to tie it back to your couple (i.e. use their favorite brand of vodka for the bloody mary kit, or get biscotti from their favorite coffee shop).

Something with a Story

Weddings are all about allowing your couple to share themselves—their interests, their passions, their style, their love—with their guests. We love the idea, then, of creating a little “our favorites” or “local loves” basket or bag for each guest chock-full of all of your couples favorite things: a small bag of coffee beans from that coffee shop they met at, a cupcake from the bakery they share their mornings at, a great notepad from the bride’s favorite stationery shop, etc. The key here is to make sure every item is still either delicious or useful, as you don’t want to send guests home with a bag of tchotchkes that they’ll get no use out of.

Overall, it’s all about putting yourself in the guests’ shoes. What items will they love that will still communicate something personal about your couple? Strive for quality over quantity—and always be sure the wedding favor tells a story that ties into the overall theme and aesthetic of the beautiful affair you’ve planned for your couple.


What are your all-time favorite wedding favors your couples have chosen? Share them with us in the comments section below—we’d love to hear!


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