Wedding Trend Report 2020 Brought to You by The Wedding Academy

Photo courtesy Rachel Takes Pictures

As events pros, it seems like we’re always talking about trends. And that’s for a good reason! We’re keeping our eyes open for the latest in linens and lighting. Or, we’re anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new Pantone color of the year. The same goes for the newest trends for running good businesses. We want to know that our next clients’ expectations of their events and their experiences working with us are changing. And, we need to know how technology can transform our businesses by helping us meet them where they are, engage with them, and book and manage their events and projects efficiently. Following trends closely and making them a part of our businesses empowers us to conceive, coordinate, and deliver the absolute best client experiences and run successful companies year after year.

We’re excited to share this year’s Wedding Trends Report from our friends at The Wedding Academy. Committed to industry education, The Wedding Academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program. This program brings professional training to wedding planners, event planners, event designers, and wedding stylists across the globe. Leveraging their deep pool of knowledge and relationships with some of the world’s preeminent professionals, they’ve gathered a deep collection of insights into the latest and greatest trends across all aspects of any wedding or special event. Give it a read and glean some real nuggets of wisdom on where trends are headed in the new year!

Photo courtesy Gyan Gurung Photography (left) and Rachel Takes Pictures (right)

Here is the link to the report on WA’s website, the YouTube video, and supporting pictures with photo credits.

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