“What Do My Couples See in Aisle Planner?”

Ever wonder what your couples see when they log onto Aisle Planner or receive notifications? We took some of the most frequently asked questions and broke it down for you!

When I send the invite to my client, what do they see?

Once you’ve prepped your client’s wedding and have sent out an invite, your client will receive an email (from you) with an invitation and a link that will take them to your custom company login page, branded with your company logo, to create an adjoining account.

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When my client logs in for the first time, what do they see?

When your clients have created their account and they log in for the first time, they’ll land directly on their wedding dashboard.

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If you’ve disabled any tools, they’ll be hidden from view. If you’ve set their privacy and permission settings to NO ACCESS for any of the tools, they won’t see the links to those tools.  If there are certain tools still in planner prep mode, they won’t see those either.

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Where do my clients return to log in?

Your clients can log in at either or from your custom branded login page, which we highly recommend for the best client experience. To make it easy for your clients to return to your custom login page, we recommend that they bookmark the page or that provide a “client login/lounge” link on your website.


How does my client’s wedding dashboard differ from what I’m seeing on the wedding dashboard?

Your clients will see a similar wedding dashboard but there are a few things that will vary.

Top left content box – While on your view, you’ll see the Preparation box that showing the current status of tools that have been released (versus still in planner prep mode), your client’s will see a generic welcome message.

Additional content boxes – If you have any tools in planner prep mode, those tools and any related information won’t be shown on your client’s wedding dashboard until you’ve released them. The same goes for any tools that each client doesn’t have access to based on the privacy and permission settings you’ve put in place for each person.

Far right column – Towards the top, your clients will only see items that have been assigned to them, while you’ll only see the tasks that have been assigned to you. Just beneath, the IMPORTANT ITEMS will show the next 30 days of things that are coming up, including tasks with specific due dates, calendar appointments and payments. Your clients will see the same thing that you do unless you’ve restricted access to any of the tools. For example, if they don’t have access to the Vendors tool, they won’t see any upcoming payments due. If a user doesn’t have access to the Checklist, they won’t see any upcoming deadlines. If a task due in the next 30 days is a Planner Only item, the list won’t include that item. Each user will only see items that they have permission to see.

If a planning tool is still in planner prep mode, what do my clients see when they log in?

Clients will only see what you’ve released to them, which gives you the opportunity to prep certain tools before releasing it for clients to see.  Learn more about planner prep mode here.

When I release a tool out of Planner prep mode, will my clients automatically get notified?

We won’t automatically notify clients that a tool has been released.

When I add a comment on a photo that I’ve uploaded to the design studio in my client’s wedding, what type of notification do my clients receive?

When you add a comment on a photo,  we’ll send a notification with your comment via email as well as an in-app notification. In app notifications include the image and a link to help navigate your clients to the exact image within the design studio. Emailed notifications include your comment alongside the image and we also include any previous comments for easy reference. The beauty in this?  Your clients can respond directly from their email, without logging in. Or, if they’re logged in, their notification center will take them directly to the subject at hand.

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When I add a comment on a checklist item in my client’s wedding, what type of notification do my clients receive?

When you comment on a checklist item, we’ll send an in-app notification as well as an emailed notification.  Emailed notifications include the task and your comment and your clients can easily respond via email to keep the conversation going.  This is a great way to chat about certain tasks and also a great way to check in on how tasks assigned to your clients are coming along.

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When I assign a task or tasks to my clients, are they notified?

Unless they’ve turned off their notifications, your clients will receive a notification both in the web app as well as via email.  We’ll batch notifications, so if you’re going through the checklist and assigning a long list of tasks in a row, they’ll receive one notification with all assigned tasks once you’ve stopped making your assignments (we send out notifications after 10 minutes of inactivity).

When I set a reminder for my clients, such as a deadline on a task, how are my clients notified?

Unless your client has turned off their notifications, we notify your clients of any upcoming deadlines in two ways:  in-app notifications as well as emailed notifications.  Clients will only get task reminders for tasks that are assigned to them.

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Have more questions about how to best collaborate with your couples on Aisle Planner? Visit our Community site’s self-service support page!

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