What You Should be Unapologetic About When it Comes to Your Business

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Bold traits are most powerful when you wrangle them a bit. And this month’s theme of being unapologetic is a prime example of a trait that is best with bit of constraint. Because, to be considered unapologetic without also being considered arrogant requires self awareness and confidence. Specifically, the self awareness to know when you might be approaching a boundary and confidence to stand your ground when you’re not.

Earlier this week, we talked about when it is important to be unapologetic in the workplace and, when it comes to being a service provider in the wedding industry, that’s just half of the conversation. The other half is about knowing when and what to be unapologetic about when it comes to your business as well as how to find the right balance of self awareness and confidence that allows you to be unapologetic effectively.

So today, we are building off of our earlier conversation and focusing on that balance so that you can really own it when it comes to all aspects of your business. Read on for our thoughts on what you should be unapologetic about because – you’ve got this!

Your Expertise (Self Awareness > Confidence)

Expertise doesn’t just land in your lap one day. Rather, it’s earned (and learned) over time and with lots of hard work. So, if you have invested time, money, and energy into learning everything there is to know about how to be the best at doing what you do, then you should own it! Your clients book you because you are an expert and your vendor partners love working with you because you are as well but, be sure to check yourself here because we doubt you want to come off as arrogant.

When you are sharing your expertise, it is important to practice self awareness. This helps to make sure that when you might be talking over someone, oversharing, or steering the conversation back towards yourself, that you know when it’s time to take your foot off of the gas pedal a bit.

Your Expectations (Self Awareness < Confidence)

When it comes to your expectations, it’s time to let your confidence shine! Because unless it is literally your first wedding, it’s “not your first rodeo” and you know how things should go. Whether those expectations are about how you want your clients to feel throughout the planning process, how you prefer to contacted, or how you expect your day-of assistants to dress, your expectations define your overall client and brand experience. And, these are two things that you should absolutely be unapologetic about.

But, do make sure that your expectations are communicated clearly because people cannot meet your expectations if they don’t know what they are. Let your clients know that “no,” you’re not going to respond to late-night phone calls or “yes,” you want your day-of assistants to dress in all black. Remember even if they are fancy, most people don’t want to have bossy pants on all of the time.

Your Pricing (Self Awareness = Confidence)

You bring tremendous value to your clients so, charge what you are worth and don’t be ashamed of it! Pricing is equal parts self awareness and confidence; the self awareness to know where you stand in the market and the confidence to not give your services away for free (literally or figuratively). As a wedding planner, wedding photographer, florist, etc. it’s your job to make someone’s wedding day as beautiful and stress-less as they ever could have imagined (no pressure, right?). So, when you know how many hours it really takes for you to deliver the client experience you want and you know how much it costs to pay all of your business’ bills and also make a living, price your services to reflect that.

But, please do realize that higher pricing comes with experience. And, you will get there over time! Just don’t be arrogant and price your full service planning rates in the 5 figures if you only have 1 wedding under your belt.

What are you most unapologetic about when it comes to your business? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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