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Every wedding professional has certain things they love about their work and other things that they struggle with. And, as a wedding planner or coordinator, it’s quite possible that at some point, you have felt overwhelmed with the design process or underwhelmed with the end result. So, what is a logistical master to do when they just don’t want to touch the design for their clients? Hire a wedding designer!

We sat down with wedding designer and coordinator Christy, of To La Lune, to chat about why coordinators have their clients hire her for design-only services, what kinds of design services are available, as well as why you might want to add one to your contact list.

What does a wedding designer do?

A wedding designer’s job is to tie in your client’s everyday lifestyle and natural aesthetic into the look and feel of their wedding. They work through the design to ultimately create an environment that speaks true to the couple’s style.

When should a wedding coordinator consider hiring one?

I would recommend that coordinators hire a wedding designer if logistics are their strong suit and design is not. There are so many ways to bring in design an event, so if you have no idea where to start then that’s likely your first clue that you’ll want to hire a professional. I also think it is a good idea to recommend that clients to hire a one if the clients are really prioritizing design and/or want to really bring in their lifestyle and story into their wedding. Professional event designers will make this fun and will showcase the best options available to create a tailored environment.

What are the types of services designers offer?

Designers offer all types of services! For example, I offer anything from complete design and coordination to design only to jump-start design consultations! There is really no detail that they can’t be hired to take care of.

How can working with a wedding designer elevate your brand, business, and services as a wedding coordinator?

Having strong relationships with people who provide services complimentary to yours is always a good idea! Just like you want to surround yourself with great florists and photographers, you want to have a couple great designers in your pocket (if design is not your thing). I always recommend wedding coordinators to all of my design-only clients, so by working with wedding designers regularly there is a good chance you’ll also get more leads!

What are the challenges of working with a designer?

Partnering with a designer should be relatively straight forward; especially after the two of you have become familiar with each other’s process. Remember, like any new vendor partner, there is a “let’s figure this out” period but, in the end, working with them makes your job easier.

What are the benefits  of working with a designer?

A major benefit I have heard from coordinators working with event designers is that clients feel even more taken care of since there is someone focused on design and and someone focused on coordination. Ultimately, this alleviates a lot of additional stress and makes for a great client experience!

Any tips on how to successfully work with a designer?

Always keep the lines of communication open. Always.

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