Why Print is Essential for Building an Unforgettable Brand: 5 Reasons We Love Pretty Paper (and You Should, Too)

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In a world where all-things digital seem to be taking over so many aspects of communication, we’ve recently found ourselves falling in love (all over again) with the timeless medium of print. Whether it’s a dreamy softtouch postcard or stunning pearlescent flyer, there’s just something about the tangibility of print that speaks to our souls as wedding professionals who love any and all things pretty.

When you’re using print to help define your brand style, the key—especially in an industry where aesthetics are everything—lies in quality…and, time and time again, our friends at MOO seem to nail the art of high-quality, stunning stationery in a way no one else can. Today, we’re so excited to announce we’ve teamed up with the endlessly creative minds behind MOO to bring you five reasons why print is absolutely essential for making your brand stand out in a saturated market. Read on, wedding pros, and get ready to build a brand that’s as stunning as it is savvy.

1. It offers potential clients a tangible and timeless interaction with your brand.

Print allows you to represent your business in a way the digital world simply can’t duplicate by providing a tangible, memorable experience for potential clients. While scrolling through your Instagram feed allows your audience a short-lived (and quickly forgotten) interaction with your brand, that stunning letterpress business card they run their fingers over time and time again offers an experience they won’t soon forget. Print allows clients to interact with your brand in a way that engages multiple senses and, as a result, is so much more memorable than anything they’ll scroll past on a screen. Rather than shooting off a quick email when you first sign a client, why not mail your clients a completely branded, super stunning welcome package? In the digital world, things disappear with a simple swipe. Print, on the other hand, sticks around: your clients will see your logo—and be reminded of your super stylish brand—every time they glance at that folder on their desk or that postcard on their fridge.

2. It defines—and elevates—your brand.

When you’re building a brand, cohesion is key. We love that print allows you to tell a clear and cohesive brand story across a number of tangible items: business cards, letterhead, stickers, postcards, thank-you cards—the list goes on (and on). Having your brand logo and colors spread across a handful of high-quality items that you can hand to potential clients or creative collaborators (or even distribute at industry events and conferences) speaks volumes about the level of professionality people can expect from your business. One of our favorite things about MOO in particular, is the endless options it offers as far as upgrades go: things like square business cards, foil-printing, and super-thick luxe paper take your print game from humdrum to holy wow—ultimately elevating your brand even further in the eyes of your target.

Aisle Planner Building a Brand with Moo

3. It’s becoming increasingly valuable and rare.

Think about the last time you received something beautiful in the mail that wasn’t a bill or total junk. Even if only for a moment, chances are it offered you an unexpected and all-encompassing experience—you couldn’t wait to open that stunning envelope and see what was on the inside. Because the art of print is becoming increasingly rare, it’s also becoming increasingly valuable. There’s a level of nostalgia associated with print pieces now that makes the person on the receiving end feel that much more special. 

4. It adds a personal touch to your branding efforts.

In the world of weddings, every client wants to feel as though they’re you’re only one. A wedding is arguably one of the most emotional and important events in a person’s life—which is why, as wedding professionals, we have to offer a personalized experience to every one of our couples. In our book, there’s no better way to do this than via the medium of print. When you first sign a client, send a welcome letter on beautifully branded letterhead. When you need to thank a client, hand-write your note of gratitude on a super-thick luxe postcard. Thoughtful, personal touches like these take little effort on your part but will set your brand apart—in a meaningful and memorable way—in the eyes of your clients.

5. It’s darn pretty.

Let’s face it—our industry loves a great aesthetic. Whether you’re building a brand that’s streamlined and simple, one that’s bold and colorful, or one that’s dainty and dreamy, there’s no better way to define your brand style than with stunning stationery and printed pieces. As wedding pros, clients want to know we’re fit to bring their wildest Pinterest wedding dreams to fruition—and they tend to believe the proof is in the pudding. No matter how stunning your portfolio of work, if your business cards are lacking style or your letterhead is subpar, this sends a message to potential clients that your work might be lacking style, too. What better way to communicate you know pretty than to hand potential clients items that are the epitome of pretty?

Overall, from lasting letterpress to stunning stationery, print is one of the simplest, most stunning ways to define your brand. Whether they’re unfolding a crisp flyer or running their fingers across a pretty postcard, print offers potential clients a timeless, memorable, and personal experience they won’t soon forget. And that, Aisle Planners and brand builders, is something we can get behind!

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2 thoughts on “Why Print is Essential for Building an Unforgettable Brand: 5 Reasons We Love Pretty Paper (and You Should, Too)”

  1. Nous NY says:

    I was JUST on yesterday hoping that they had a new flat card stationery product. What was used for the AP cards featured here? Postcards?

    1. Tayler Cusick Hollman Tayler Cusick Hollman says:

      hahaha, how funny on the timing 🙂 Yes, we used the postcards from Moo!

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